About Me

MelMarxI have titled this site the ‘journey of an unsuspecting entrepreneur’ as I had no idea that I would ever get into startups and co-own a startup venture.  I have always thought that I am not cut out to be an entrepreneur and that I would retire from a corporation. Most of my career has been spent in big global companies who have well defined markets, customers, processes, pricing structures, lots of money and resources.  In this world, I knew how to operate but when I found myself retrenched and a friend asked me to join his startup I had no idea what I was letting myself in for.

I was used to leading large projects, developing and actioning clear strategy, leading multicultural virtual teams, although I have always leaned toward coming up with less process and some out of the box thinking.  But nothing could have prepared me for the chaos that is a startup.

On this site I will share what I have learned by adding my voice to many other exceptional authors on this topic.

A little more about me. I ascribe to the philosophy that everything rises and falls on leadership…John Maxwell. So I spend a lot of time practicing and learning about leadership which I believe can be taught and learnt.

Building a solution for a problem is what entrepreneurs do. I believe that everyone can be an entrepreneur even if you work in a company. If you have an idea and a solution you have started the journey to making the world a better place. Every person matters and for us to solve the big and small problems in the world we have to engage many more people in entrepreneurship.

I am particularly concerned with the low percentage (17%) of female entrepreneurs in the startup movement. Women are uniquely qualified and positioned to solve many of the problems in the world. I  hope to change this by encouraging and supporting women to bring their ideas to the table where they can be nurtured and grow into the solutions and businesses of tomorrow.

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